About Us

Parents Supporting Parents Support Group (PSP) was started by Lisa Murphy in 2010, in Mashpee, MA as a group of parents who came together to support each other through their children’s struggle with Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  While it was thought there would just be a few who would come through the doors to join the meeting, founding members remember that they were quickly overwhelmed by how many parents were walking the same shoes of the addiction dance with their own children and that they weren’t alone.

In December 2015, our support group was featured in the HBO documentary Heroin: Cape Cod, USA.   Cape Cod is known as small, quaint community of small villages.  The film looked at the heroin epidemic sweeping across small towns and communities, focusing on 8 young heroin addicts on Cape Cod, MA and their families, some of whom attended our support group. Invaluable support from other parents in the same situation is shared on a weekly basis.  We share feelings of co-dependency, financial burdens, never ending anxiety over relapse and we learn coping mechanisms from each other on how to let go with love.  We are there for each other as they start their journey with the dance of substance use disorder, stand by each other through relapses and the sometimes-long road to recovery and celebrate with each other when our loved ones find recovery.

In, 2015, the group was turned over to co-facilitators, Linda Cubellis and Corinne Wickel.  Through the years the group has grown and many of our members who were there at the beginning continue to attend the meetings to offer, their support, encouragement and hope to others even though their children, and loved ones, are in long term recovery.  Some of the parents have lost their own children to the disease of addiction and yet still come to the meetings to try and help others. 

Board of Directors

Linda Cubellis, President

Carmen Dwyer, Vice President

Charlie Passios, Treasurer

Steven Walsh, Secretary

E.J. (Josh) Albright, Moderator

Patricia Dutra

Katarina Gillispie

Kris Perry Long

Amanda Marcotte McGonigle

Eli Sorenti Morse

Jordan Race

Susan Renzulli

Dawn Roche

Through the years, one thing became apparent throughout our family meetings which was the need for long term aftercare in a good sober living environment.    Long term sober living is needed but can be very costly.  Families are often faced with another difficult decision, paying for sober living or having their loved one come home, which is not the best solution to the problem and rarely works. 

Seeing this need for long term aftercare and knowing the financial burden it placed on the family and their loved ones, the facilitators and several dedicated group members were driven to make a difference.  The decision to start a Sober Living Scholarship Fund to help with the financial burden of paying for long term aftercare for their loved ones has come to fruition.  Our scholarships will be in memory of those who we have lost to the disease of SUD.  We strongly feel their lives should not be forgotten and that by honoring their memory with a scholarship to someone suffering with the disease of SUD they can still make a difference in the life of someone else. Even though they are no longer with us, their memory lives on.

We are committed to making a difference and are confident that together we can!

Contact Information

Non-profit business address
Parents Supporting Parents, Inc.
16 Pine Street
P.O. Box 992
Monument Beach, MA 02553