Christopher Wurtzburg

With deep gratitude, and our wishes for you…

No one can remove our pain

or make our world whole again;

but the love, presence, thoughts & prayers

of friends and family have wrapped us

in the comfort of knowing we are not alone.

Thank you for reaching out,

for holding us tight,

for sharing memories of Chris,

for sharing your pain with us.

He was an amazing man

who lives on in that realm where

his creative energies are with Mallory,

and the seeds he planted in our consciousness

will continue to grow and inspire us.

Through all of this …

we hope you will be inspired by his poem,

we hope you will hold the ones you love

a little tighter,

we hope you will embrace each moment

of every day,

Chris certainly would have wanted it that way.


Ted, Diane, Alyssa, Jeremy

 when someone loves you and fulfills you;

 inspires you, protects you, and guides you,

 you have found comfort in unconditional love.

 you have found stability and emotional safety,

 and it will never occur to you until much too late

 that you have found the most difficult separation

 that you will ever face;

 that you have found

 the most meaningful nostalgia

 for the rest of your life;

 that you have found

 the greatest heartache

 that will bend you until you’re sure you’ll break.


 Because one day          they will be gone

 and you will be alone, scared, and helpless.


 you will hurt and yet you will never regret

 those always open arms you thought you’d always have,

 and with time, your pain will callous

 and become your biggest strength.

 your loneliness will give way

 for the greatest independence.

 your hatred for loss will one day bloom

 into the most beautiful love for life,


 and you will realize

 that you are now responsible

 for sharing unconditional love

 with those who matter most,

 so that they may learn:


 loss is as much a gift as life itself.


                                         – CSW