Jake Regan

James (Jake) Edward Regan, IV,  AKA;  ‘Moose’ as his friends would call him, passed away on May 20,2017 from an overdose of fentanyl on Cape Cod, the saddest day of my life as well as the many family members, his children and the many friends he made in his short life at the age of 29 . He was larger than life in many ways, 6’ 5” with a smile that lit up a room, not to mention his warm sense of humor, made him someone you would notice. He struggled with depression and turned to substances which continued for many years. He had several years of recovery and was on his way to a great life as a dad and running his own business. He loved playing football and attended a private high school, hoping that his high school experience would take him to higher places, like college and a successful career. In recovery Jake would always give back to others that were struggling and was very involved in the NA community. In keeping Jake’s memory alive,  we continue to give back to the Boys & Girls Club on Cape Cod and now hope to help Parents Supporting Parents on Cape Cod raise funds for sober living scholarships to help those who struggle with substance use disorder build their lives back together in memory of those like our son Jake.