Jeremy Pina

Jeremy Pina, 44, passed away July 29, 2019 at his home. He was born November 27, 1974 in Hyannis, MA. A son of Adrienne (Chase) Pina, the late Robert Pina, Uncle Bob Chase and his wife Sandy, the late Aunt Camilla Senibaldi and the late Grandparents Charles & Cleora Chase.

He is survived by his loving fiancé LaVerne Lopes; girls MaKaila, Tiara & Kiara Whatley; his siblings Aaron Pina, Shanua Joo, Robert Pina Jr., Karen Pina-Johnson, Jamie Pina, Lorianne Pina, Heather Smith and a host of relatives and friends.

Heaven’s Newest Barber will be greatly missed here on earth. Jeremy took over the barbershop “on the corner” in 2004, where he had been cutting hair for several years. Each season he bought cookies from the Girl Scouts and had a Toys for Tots container that was refilled many times. Jeremy did his best to contribute to the revitalization of historic downtown Dennisport.

This was written by 1 of my brothers today on the Birthday of our brother Jeremy. Someone out there may need this.
If you were here today, I’d be wishing you were here so we could celebrate your 46th birthday. But, you’re not. So, I’m wearing your shoes today because aside from your insane tie collection, they’re the only physical thing I have to remind me of you.

If you were here today, I’d be telling you to stop being shady because eventually it’ll catch up with you.

But, you’re not here.

You’re gone.

Because you didn’t stop doing shady stuff.

So on your birthday, I get to grieve your death instead of your birth.

And hopefully, since I know you’re actually not here and I’m actually not talking to a dead person, some living person who’s taking pills on the side will read this and finally get the fact that methadone is not a long term solution and you can’t outsmart addiction and eventually it all catches up with you and you’re going to leave a whole lot of people without their brother, their son, their barber, their friend…

Wow… in between missing you and grieving you, it looks like I still get a little angry at you and say what everyone else wishes they said before it was too late.

So, you… you reading this… you think you’re smarter than my brother? Think you can outrun your addiction? Trust me – these are really fast shoes I’m wearing. But they’re not fast enough for that.