Judy Campbell and Associates (4) Session Career Coaching Package

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(4) Session Career Coaching Package

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(4) Sessions at (45 min) each of Career Coaching

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Whether you are looking for a new job, are feeling challenged by people or situations in your existing workplace, or hoping to transition into something different, Career  Coaching can offer you techniques and strategies to help you work towards your goals.

Each session will be a scheduled 45-minute meeting on ZOOM.

Sessions are customized to include whichever areas relate to your specific needs: • Reviewing your resume

  • Writing a winning cover letter
  • Defining your competitive edge
  • Exploring new career options
  • Planning and preparing for interviews
  • Negotiating a compensation package or a salary increase
  • Managing conflict

Judy Campbell life

Highly effective and innovative teaching/training professional
. Train, motivate, and inspire teams to exceed expectations
. Synthesize and solidify individual team member strengths into a cohesive dynamic power team
. Develop, customize and implement “Best Practice” systems for increased productivity and

View her LinkedIn Profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/judytcampbell

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